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The [mis]Adventures of a Radical Babe

Lady J
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I'm a B Movie Scream Queen with arsenic and embalming fluid running through my veins. Hockey. Music. Snowboarding. Caffeine. Finnish Boys. BJJ. That basically sums up me and my journal. If you can't deal with the constant sport chatter, as well as talk about bands of the heavy metal/hardcore/punk/rock n roll persuasion... this isn't the girl you want on your friends list. Also don't even think about adding me if you have the inability to type properly. "U" does not equal "YOU" in my book, and my book is the one that counts. Would it really kill you to type two more letters? No it wouldn't. You're just a lazy bastard.

I also support the following bands, websites & organizations:
Athletes Against Autism
the Dudesons
Grenade Apparel
Hollywood Undead
the National Hockey League
the New Jersey Devils
The Rasmus